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Box is among the hardest sports. The better you learn this spuda technique, which is based on hypothesis, the more excellent the results will be. And if you focus your strength on that technique, you will be able to achieve that much. If you enjoy the Box fights or if you enjoy playing this sport; you can watch box matches on You can follow live broadcasts of all sporting events in this website where you can login for free. You can also follow the score of all leagues here.

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Kick Boxing competitions are generally held under 3 main discipline headings. These disciplines are; Semi Contact, Light Contact and Full Contact. All of these events can be watched using Streamagratis Watch Live Box Streaming service.

Semi Contact;

Adult males have a range of sizes from 57 kilograms to 94 plus kilograms. Adult ladies have up to 50 kgs and up to 70+ kilos. For young people and youngsters both the numbers and the instructions of the competition show various changes. The competition is 2 rounds to 3 rounds. The winner is determined by the scoring system. Above the head, back and neck shooting are prohibited areas. Dilersen can follow all the details of this sport and live competitions from the newsletter, you can learn all the details.

Light Contact;

Adult males and females have the same severity as Semi Contact discipline. The races are three minutes from two minutes. Unlike Semi Contact, this discipline is not dependent on speed and technique. It also has high strength and durability. The match is usually not stopped, scored or knocked out.

Full Contact;

As it is understood from his name, in this discipline the rider enters the dental struggle. The rules used in this discipline are equivalent to the rules used in the K1 professional league. Kick is the most professional form of boxing. Enter the web site immediately to enjoy the Watch Live Box service. Watch Live Online Box is now at your service with

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