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There was an unexpected event of boxing in Cardiff, Galler. Two famous boxer who were Anthony Joshua in UK and Carlos Takam in France spar in Galler. 80 thousand spectators protested the referee who was Phil Edwards for knockout decision.

Anthony Joshua is a British professional and famous boxer and Carlos Takam is a French well known boxer spared in Cardiff, Galler. Anthony Joshua who have two heavyweight belt in boxing knocked out his opponent Carlos Takam. 80 thousand people prostested the referee for the decision. Anthony Joshua knocked out the 20th time in his 20th match in his career but referee Phil Edwards caused eyebrowns to raise because of his decision. 80 thousand spectators in Principality Stadium protested intensively the referee Phil Edwards.

After the spar Joshua said that it was not my decision to make, I could not do something for the decision. On the other hand, Carlos Takam said I respected Anthony Joshua but I wanted to make revenge with him.

Anthony Joshua said that referee stopped the match and I was unable to help, I respected Carlos Takam. He looks like Evander Holyfield. Carlos Takam also said I did not understand the referee wht stopped the match. I respect Anthony Joshua and his British fans but I could not understand why Phil Edwards ended the match suddenly. Carlos Takam added I want to  rematch instead of this match. I would like to spar with Anthony Joshua again. He is a so wonderful boxing champion.

This giant spar was spectated by a lot famous person. Zlatan Ibrahimovic  who is a well known footballer also was spectator in this unexpected event.

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