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The History of Boxing

Muhammad Ali – The Real Boxing Legend

Let’s talk about the history of boxing which is a kind of popular sport. Did you hear Muhammad Ali ? You should have heard him if you know something about boxing sport. Every sport has its own legends during the history. Like many others, Muhammad Ali is the real legend of boxing history. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. before the name of the Muslim. Muhammad Ali, born on January 17, 1942 in Kentucky, where racism is very high. Cassius Marcellus Clay, born January 17, 1947 in Lousville, Kentucky, met boxing at the age of 12 and soon entered the amateur recordings at the National AAU and Golden Gloves Championships.

Amateur League lost six of 167 matches and broke the record. Boxing lover won the gold medal at the Roman Olympics when he was 18 years old. Clay started to increase his popularity in America after this victory. Cassius Clay continued his success in the ring and rallied to be out of the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Sonny Liston.Clay was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion at the age of 22. The legendary name of the world boxing history, Muhammad Ali, has been Parkinson’s disease since 1984, due to respiratory insufficiency, he died in the hospital on 04.06.2016.

The Short History

Boxing first appeared in England at early 18th century. In 1719 James formed a ring for boxing and taught both fighters and students. At that time the fights were done in naked hands and fighting continued until the opponent gave up. With the starting of 20th century, the boxing industry has started to change a bit. The legends started to take place in popular tournaments. Like Lewis, Ali , Tyson and others started to win a lot of memorable matches.

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