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Most Successful Woman Boxer of the World

Cecilia Braekhaus

When we talk about the most successful women boxer of the world, Cecilia Braekhaus is taking the first place. Because she is a real legend and has no defeat during her career. She is known as undisputed champion in the women boxing world and she has a lot of followers from different countries of the world today. She was born in Cartagena, Colombia on 1981. She is also Norwegian citizen. In the early years, she won 75 of 80 boxing matches during her amateur career and she became professional in November 2007 with signing a contract with German promoter Wilfried Sauerland.

She won a gold medal in 2005 European Championship as an amateur boxer. After starting her professional career, she has become a legend because she won all the games against her opponents. She won all 33 matches and defended all belts. In 2010, she was announced as “Women Boxer of the Year” in Germany. Nowadays, she is 36 years old and still defends her titles and belts. Finally, we can say Cecilia Braekhaus is a real woman boxing legend of the world during the boxing history.

The Belt Fight

Colombian-born Norwegian citizen Cecilia Brækhus shared their trump card with Croatian Ivana Habazin in a Copenhagen match. The match ended in points. After the struggle, 3 table judges gave 100-90 points and declared that Cecilia Brækhus had won without giving any round. Cecilia Brækhus was the first female boxer to make this success, when she was on record for the first time on this date, she wrote the name of boxing in gold letters.

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