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Rocky Marciano – Undefeated Boxing World Champion

His real name is Rocco Marcegiano. Marciano (born October 1, 1923) is an Italian-born American heavyweight boxer. Rocky Marciano, started boxing at the age of 12, was discovered by manager All Weill and coach Charlie Goodman. These two people have a big part in his career. He became professional thanks to Weill’s and Goodman’s important efforts.

In 1948, the famous professional boxer attracted all the attention with his consecutive victories in heavyweight

In October 1951, Rocky became a famous boxer all around the world by defeating famous boxer Joe Louis.  Later, Marciano met Jersey Joe Scott, who hold a title in heavyweight and managed to beat his opponent twice in the same year.  As of September 23, 1952, Rocky Marciano was a new title holder in Heavyweight. From 1952, he won all the boxing matches until 1956 when he left boxing. Rocky, who fought Archie Moore in 1956, won this challenging match. After this match he announced that he finished his boxing career.

Rocky took leave in an unexpected moment and despite all efforts he did not reverse his decision. The popular names of boxing, such as; Ezzard Charles (2 times), Don Cockwell, Roland La Starza, and Archie Moore couldn’t defeat him. At the age of 32, he quit boxing with 0 defeat in 49 matches. He is still the only boxer to finish his career as undefeated champion. He has been knocked down twice. The life story of the famous boxer became a subject of Hollywood scenarist’s movies in 1970 and 1980. For example, “Rocky” made Sylvester Stallone famous.

Rocky Marciano is only one undefeated champion among world heavyweight champions. Between 1952 and 1956, he held 49 professional boxing matches and never defeated. Rocky, an extraordinarily talented boxer, lost his life in traffic accident in Iowa on August 31, 1969.

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