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The Greatest Boxing Match

The greatest boxing match of all time was definitely the Mohamed Ali vs Joe Frazier match on march 8th 1971. Very known as the Fight of the Century or the Fight.

It was no surprise that the heavy weight boxer Mohamed Ali would take part of this boxing achievement

This event was the most anticipated match in all sports history. Surprisingly though Mohamed Ali was not the one who won the belt, let’s just say that joe fought for his life and for the title. Joe was in no way less of a strong or a well established athlete, but let’s face it even those who know nothing about boxing know who Mohamed Ali is.

What makes this match even more competitive and iconic is that it was more than an athletic event it was a fight between ideologies as Ali’s supporters were seen as liberals and Joe’s supporters were considered to be more conservative, so if you don’t find this isn’t interesting I don’t know what is, needless to say all tickets for that event were sold out.

The fight of the century ended in a 15 round UD for Joe’s by winning the belt and giving Ali’s first professional loss. Making it Frazier’s greatest win of his entire career.

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