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We all know Muhammad Ali and his achievements.He is literally a legend in boxing.Also, his fights tell us how to fight to win. Boxing is the sport or practice of fighting with the fists, especially with padded gloves in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules (the Queensberry Rules).

There are lots of famous boxing players in the world and some countries are really good at that sport

For example,United Kingdom has a total of sixty-three world champions.In addition,Mexico is a boxing titan.The home of legends, and arguably the modern house of boxing. Mexico is the only place to probably outpace a soccer a match, more than tens of millions watching bouts in Mexico, bouts between two Mexicans. Their history is rich, a list of boxing greats consisting of Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricardo Lopez, Erik Morales and so many other great boxers,but the greatest country in boxing is United States of America.

America is the home of boxing, and is undoubtedly, country for country, the best boxing nation of the planet. Their list of legends easily out paces the list of legends of other countries, their stars, their large amount of boxers, I really can’t explain it in words. Let me just start with names.The greatest boxers of all time, consist of men like Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Harry Garb, Muhammad Ali, all those American boxers. And that’s only grazing at the surface.

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