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Boxing World in the USA

Boxing is one of the popular and dangerous sports of the world. In the investigations, boxing matches have been made since ancient times.

In the relief paintings dating from the early ages, frescoes were depicted and the result of primitive boxing matches. In 1927, The archaeologist E.A Speiser discovered Mesopotamian stone tablets in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. It is depicted on these tablets that the two men prepare for a prize fight. It is estimated that these tablets are 7000 thousand years old.

The first evidence of any fighting done with any boxing glove reached between 1500-900 BC from the island of Minos Grit and Sardinia.From the middle of the 20th century, technology has led to the pursuit and spread of boxing throughout the world. Millions of people have gotten the opportunity to follow the matches from radio and television. Although the competition between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, considered the greatest boxer of the 20th century in 1975, was a night and a half, the record was broken by millions of people. With the introduction of the internet since 1990’s, it became even easier to access information about boxing. Nowadays, boxing is continuing its global popularity as amateur and professional in two different forms.

Strenght and Intelligence

We can say, boxing is a sport that based on strength and intelligence. If someone wants to be successful on boxing sport, he or she should think quickly and move strengthly at the same time. The real goal is to be able to make clear and hard strokes up against the opponent, and at the same time to protect himself from the hits he/she has made. In order to avoid serious injuries in competitions during boxing, gloves are inflated with a soft substance.

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